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American Animal Hospital Logo

You might have noticed the plaque in the reception area from the American Animal Animal Association which states that South Peel is an accredited hospital and has been since 1988.  You might also have thought, well that is nice, so what?

We maintain accreditation with the American Animal Hospital Association because we are dedicated to providing the best care possible for your pets.  Since 1933 AAHA has been developing and setting standards for the care of companion animals and accrediting animal hospitals.  AAHA's mission is to set the standard of excellence for veterinary care.  These standards are considered to be the benchmark for small animal care around the world and continue to evolve in response to developments in veterinary medicine.

To become an AAHA accredited practice we are voluntarily evaluated against more than 900 standards which cover such areas as emergency procedures, pain management, examination facilities, anaesthesia and surgery, dentistry, pet medical records, safety protocols, veterinary knowledge and other key areas of pet healthcare.  To maintain accreditation we are evaluated every three years.

Less than 15% of all small animal hospitals in North America are AAHA accredited and in Mississauga there are only 5 accredited practices.  South Peel was the first accredited practice in Mississauga.  We are proud of this and wanted you to know how it impacts you and our pets.