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Laser Therapy


Laser treatment has shown great benefit in arthritis in older dogs and cats, musculo-skeletal injuries, wound healing, sore ears and a variety of other injuries.

We have added a therapy laser at South Peel as an additional tool in our effort to help your pets have a long and comfortable life.  Laser therapy uses a beam of laser light to penetrate tissue without damaging it.  The laser energy induces a biological response which leads to reduced pain, reduced inflammation, and increased healing speed.

Therapy lasers are widely used in human medicine for bone, joint and tendon injuries.  In animals the laser has shown great benefit in a wide variety of applications such as arthritis in older dogs and cats, musculo-skeletal injuries, wound healing after injuries as well as after surgery, sore ears, and a variety of other uses.  Incisions post surgery and some injuries may only need one treatment, while more chronic situations such as arthritis may require an initial series of  treatments and then periodic maintenance treatments.

Spaniel wearing doggles being treated with therapy laser.

One of the major attractions of laser therapy is that it gives us a drug free way to treat a number of conditions.  The laser treatments often allow us to reduce the quantity of drugs used for pain.  In the case of wounds and post surgery we see faster healing with less pain.

This reduction in drugs is particularly important in treating osteo-arthritis as many of the pets with this condition are older animals who may not tolerate medications well.  In these animals we can often get greater improvement by combining the laser with medication or we may be able to reduce the amount of medication while getting the same pain relief.  Just because we have older pets doesn’t mean they have to be uncomfortable.

If you think your pet might benefit from therapeutic laser treatments please call us at 905.277.4500 and we will be happy to discuss your situation.  Also, if you are interested in knowing more about therapeutic laser feel free to contact us anytime.

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